1Recruit International LLC has successfully demonstrated the ability to bring job seekers and clients together worldwide for business optimisation. By adopting a consultative rather than a transactional approach, our process is intuitive to the needs of our clients.

Being in the People Business, we aim to build close business partnerships with both our clients and candidates so that we have a clear understanding of their needs and provide them with quality outcomes that are highly efficient, effective and results oriented.

Targeted Industry Recruitment

Targeted Industry Recruitment provides the best option for those clients seeking an on-going recruitment service that is aimed at maintaining optimal staff levels and sustainable business growth.

Features & Benefits:

  • Quality Focus: 1Recruit appoints a specialist Client Manager to profile your business and assess your resourcing needs in the development of strong talent management strategies.
  • End to End Recruitment: 1Recruit will lighten your resourcing work load by coordinating and managing the preliminary process of recruiting new candidates. The provision of advertising, screening, and preliminary interviews enables our client’s time to focus on the critical selection process.
  • Flexibility: This service allows adaptability for the resourcing of either 1 role to 100 roles and to the timeframes you require.
  • No Commitment Necessary: 1Recruit does not hold our clients to restrictive contracts, so you’re free to trial our services as you desire. We are confident that your firm will experience the benefits of working with the 1Recruit Team and that you will continue to work with our firm in continued partnership.

Project Recruitment Drives

Project Recruitment Drives are an efficient and timely resourcing method and process of recruiting for a bulk specific purpose. Our clients choose this option to enable rapid expansion strategies within their business for new projects, new divisions or for rapid growth purpose.

Features & Benefits

  • Client Focus: 1Recruit Project Recruitment Drives require strong planning, we thus take the time to identify and analyse your organisation’s needs. A strategy for bulk recruitment goals will be identified upfront with measureable performance indicators agreed.
  • Quality Service & Support: 1Recruit appoints a specialist Client Manager and recruitment team to profile your business and resourcing needs to enable strong talent management strategies 1Recruit pre-screens all candidates to ensure they are of the highest quality and to allow you to spend more time focusing on the critical selection process.
  • Success: 1Recruit Project Recruitment Drives are very successful recruitment strategies for our clients. Our success statistics are that 90% of candidates placed with our clients remain with their employer 12 months later. A further 70% of these candidates remain with our clients after 2 years.

Nationalisation Recruitment

Provides clients with a service that ensures “win win” for both parties that will satisfy productivity and career progression challenges for nationals in their respective countries.

RPO - Recruitment Process Outsourcing

The focus of an RPO with 1Recruit is to optimize their client’s recruitment strategies and processes and develop robust attraction and retention strategies for the best talent globally. This Service is utilized by clients to enable cost effective set up, for project basis only or to gain a world standard.

Features & Benefits:

  • Robust, innovative and cost effective processes that are world standard.
  • Reductions in cost and time to hire and more control over the recruitment process.
  • Access to scalable, flexible talent resources.
  • Sourcing Strategies that are multi-channel, robust and are integrated.
  • Enhanced Employer Branding.
  • Enable a seamless transitional service that is innovative, mitigates risk and can be scaled to meet volume targets.

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